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Hair Systems - Full Cap

Hair Systems - Full Cap

If you and your hair are in the process of parting ways, it may be time to consider the alternatives... a full cap hair system.

When you only lose hair on part of your head, often the top, you may feel as if a hair system is the only hair replacement solution you will need. However it can be tricky to find the perfect match to your hair colour. If the hair density doesn’t match the rest of your hair, it won’t look natural. A full cap hair system allows you to replace the hair without having to find an exact match.

Full cap hair systems... for complete hair loss!

With a full cap hair system you don’t need to worry about blending. Even with a partial cap system that matches perfectly to your own hair colour, blending can be a serious issue. Texture, growth patterns and curl must match to make it look natural... this can be a difficult task to achieve. Choosing a full cap hair system eliminates the need to blend the hair systems hair and the real hair together. With a partial hair system, if you begin to lose more hair on the sides of your head you might need a full cap hair system that will provide greater coverage. By choosing a full cap hair system from the start means you don't need to ever worry about this.

Going bald doesn’t mean you have to give up on having great hair. In fact, it’s just the opposite. You can use a full cap hair system to give you the look you’ve always wanted. In some cases, it's a better option that provides greater versatility and a lot less work.