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Hair Quality

Hair Systems - Hair Quality

There is so much variety in the quality of hair systems today - the method in which they are made, the quality of hair used, the advanced hair base materials and the technique used to apply them. They also differ in namesake as different companies try to get an edge on their competitors.

We only use 100% Remy human hair in all of our hair systems.

Remy hair is defined by ensuring cuticles are kept in tact and strands laying in the same direction. This ensures that the hair remains tangle free and is more manageable in toupees.

The standard hair being sold in Australia is non Remy poor quality hair or synthetic. A lot of hair replacement companies are using this sub standard hair which costs less. We do not recommend using this type of hair as it is poor quality hair that will not last. Cheaper quality hair is usually sprayed with silicone in order to try and get a silky finish, yet this silicone will wash off after a few weeks leaving you with an inferior quality hair system.

Only the best quality hair in our hair systems

We only use 100% Remy human hair in all of our hair systems – we do not use synthetic hair! Our hair is soft and smooth, hair cuticles are kept intact and has not been chemically processed, the hair behaves exactly like normal healthy hair. Our hair looks better, styles better and lasts longer than our competition. Our hair does not get matted after you wash it a few times. Our hair stays shiny and healthy looking. You cannot get better quality hair than ours.