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Thin Skin Hair Systems

Thin Skin Hair Systems

A thin skin hair system is made from the lightest and most ultra thin poly ever. Each hair is placed into the transparent thin skin hair base with a new state of the art injection method making it appear as if the hair is growing directly from your scalp. There is no appearance of knots and the hair system looks unbelievably natural! This hair systems base takes on the exact shape of your head and almost "adheres" by itself to your skin without any adhesive tapes.

So if you’re looking for a thin skin base and cost is not a concern, nor is sacrificing durability for appearance, then a thin skin hair system could be for you.

Our opinion on thin skin hair systems

These systems have an ultra-light and super-thin layer of polyurethane that clings to the scalp and keeps hair in place. They create some of the most realistic looking hair systems available, with a look and feel just like regular skin.

With a lifespan of about two to four weeks... our opinion is that they are not worth the money. The hair replacement / hair system industry wants you to wear a thin skin hair system because of the profits they make. We on the other hand come from a different perspective because we also wear hair systems.

A true thin skin is so delicate that it can tear when placing it on your head and will more than likely never be able to be used a second time as removing this type of hair system is nearly impossible without destroying it. Most hair replacement companies in Australia do not actually give you a true thin skin hair system that they advertise. These thin skins are really just a thinner version of a poly system, yet the prices are exorbitant.

So if money is not a problem and you can afford a new hair system every two to four weeks... go ahead and order a thin skin hair system!