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Lace Hair Systems

Lace Hair Systems

So you’ve done your research and finally decided on purchasing a hair system. You’ve heard that a lace base design is best. You might have read about it on internet forums or have spoken to other hair wearers who say that a lace hair system is the most natural looking, comfortable wearing, super light with the most undetectable hairline possible. Right?

You start looking for the perfect lace hair system and all of a sudden realise that there is so much to choose from.

Hollywood Lace, Swiss Lace, New York Lace, French Lace. What's the difference?

Is one better than the other?

Then there’s Total High Definition, Reinforced Lace, Ultra Fine, Injected, Super Fine and Invisible. What does all this mean? How do you choose?

Do not let the hair replacement industry’s lingo throw you. You only need to remember a few simple tips.

Everything you’ve heard about lace is true - it’s undetectable, light, comfortable and looks natural. Like anyone who wears a hair system, if your biggest fear is someone staring at your head, suspecting you’re wearing a hair system, lace is your best option. Many people think they can spot a hair system a mile away. But what they don’t know is they’ve probably stood right next to someone wearing a lace hair system and didn’t even know it. Typically, lace offers a more natural looking hairline and blends right into your scalp. You just can’t beat the appearance and comfort of lace against other materials, such as skin bases.

The trade-off however, is durability.

Hollywood Lace is “Swiss” Lace – they are one and the same! The finest and most natural looking lace for hair system bases. Problem is, it’s very delicate and they don’t last long and will need to be replaced several times a year to maintain a lustrous full head of hair.

New York Lace is “French” Lace. You will still get a natural appearance with this lace too, but it’s not as fine as swiss lace. It still looks great, it’s just a little tougher and stiffer than swiss lace.

There isn’t a huge difference between fancy terms like Ultra Fine, Reinforced and Invisible either. These are just marketing terms. Keep it simple. Any lace base will give you an amazing appearance. After you experiment with different kinds of lace, you’ll start to figure out what works for you.