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Hair System Tape

Hair Tape

Hair system tape adhesives are double-sided and are most commonly referred to as ‘surgical’ or ‘medical grade’ tape adhesives, meaning they were made in a sterile environment. These tapes can be used with all hair systems, hairpieces, hair extensions, wigs and toupees.

Almost all hair system tape adhesives are clear - except for cloth tape, known as brown or German tape adhesive, and come in a variety of colours, generally indicating the level of tack or stickiness and are typically sold in a roll, strip or contour form. Tape adhesives are available in a variety of contours specifically shaped to fit the front hairline and outer edge of a hair system.

What are the best hair system tape adhesives

A question we are asked often. The simple answer – all of them! Our hair system tape adhesives can be used on any hair system or hairpiece without causing damage. There are several hair system tape adhesive categories:

Daily Wear - Used for a 1-5 day adhesion. Great for those who remove their hair system daily or every few days, as they are much less tacky or sticky than other tapes.

Extended Wear - Used for a 1-2 week adhesion. Great for those who need more than a day to day, but do not want the longest adhesion either, so they can re-apply their hair system in under 2 weeks.

Permanent Wear - Used for a 2-6 week adhesion. These hair system tape adhesives are the closest to a permanent hair system bond. Depending on the temperature, humidity and body oils, they can last up to 6 weeks. Usually the most tacky and sticky require more skill to apply to a hair system.