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Hair Systems - The Difference

Hair Systems - Experience the Difference

Maybe you are new to wearing a hair system or maybe you have already spent thousands of dollars with big retail hair replacement clinics trying to look good, only to be let down time and time again. We know you can't be satisfied with high prices, long-term contracts, poor quality hair systems, expensive monthly maintenance appointments and high pressure sales tactics that are misleading.

If you aren’t buying from us then there is no doubt you are paying way too much for your hair! You’re possibly wearing a hair system that you are satisfied with, but maybe it’s just too expensive. We can provide you the exact same hair system only much better quality for a fraction of the price.

We offer the most natural looking hair systems in the world. How is that possible? We are direct importers, we process your order to the finest detail and custom make them overseas in our manufacturing facility where our talented hair technicians make your order to your personal specifications. You will be able to brush and style your hair exactly the way you want.

The Competition

There are many other hair replacement companies trying to compete with us in the real human hair system business. We only offer the best - 100% human remy hair! Our remy hair is softer and silkier than processed hair and lasts a lot longer. We only offer the most realistic and undetectable bases such as Super Fine Swiss or French lace which is state of the art. Other hair system bases are more detectable and not as realistic as lace.

There is a general opinion that ‘you get what you pay for’, but the fact is our fast growing and loyal clientele are pleasantly surprised by the quality of our products and services that are available to them at such an affordable price. You should never have to sacrifice your lifestyle in order to improve on your appearance.

There is ONLY One Choice for Hair Systems in Australia

The Best Quality Hair

We only use 100% remy human hair in all of our hair systems – we do not use synthetic hair! Our hair is soft and smooth, hair cuticles are kept intact and has not been chemically processed, exactly like normal healthy hair. Our hair looks better, styles better and lasts longer than our competition. Our hair does not get matted after you wash it a few times. Our hair stays shiny and healthy looking. You cannot get better quality hair than ours? ...and it's affordable at an insanely low price!

No Contracts

Our clients do not sign contracts or join a program. You won’t have to purchase a certain number of hair systems to get a lower price. Simply buy as often as you like at the same low price! Purchase when you need to, not when you have to because of a contract.

No contracts! No high pressure sales tactics!