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Hair System Glue

Hair Glue

Hair system glue adhesives are a popular way to attach a hair system. There are two main types of hair system glue: silicone-based and water-based. Neither is necessarily better than the other, rather individual preference.

Hair system glue adhesives are applied to the scalp or hair system using either a brush or squeeze application. The real trick when using these types of hair system glue adhesives on your hair system is to know when they are dry and ready to attach to your head. It is important to understand how much glue to apply so that excess does not seep through the hair system base.

Silicone based hair glue

Silicone-based glue adhesives are currently the more popular of the two, and therefore there is a larger variety to choose from. Generally, a silicone glue adhesive will also provide more tack / adhesion than water-based adhesives and allow for a longer wear time.

How do you tell the difference? Besides the label, silicone-based adhesives are all clear in colour.

Water based hair glue

Water-based glue adhesives are less popular as they provide less tack / adhesion than silicone-based adhesive products.

Water-based glue adhesives are white, but turn clear when they are completely dry, making them a little easier to work with because you can tell when they are dry. Though it takes longer to dry than silicone-based glue adhesives.

Applying hair system glue

Whether using a silicone hair system glue adhesive or water-based hair system glue adhesive, one of the most important things you need to know is that the glue must be dry before you attach the system.

When applying hair glue to your hair system, use multiple thin layers rather than just a few thicker layers. The more you use the longer the bond will last. Applying a very thin layer of adhesive first makes it easier and quicker to dry but also prevents the glue from seeping through the base and into the hair after attachment.

Hard vs soft bond adhesive

When it comes to attachment you have two categories to choose from, hard bond or soft bond. Soft bond adhesive is the more popular and refers to all the different types of hair system tapes and glues on the market. A soft bond adhesive is any form of attachment that does not contain the ingredient called Cyanoacrylate. Basically, Cyanoacrylate is the generic name for substances that are typically sold under trademarks like Superglue.

Hard bond adhesives are essentially a superglue gel. It will certainly keep your hair system secure for extended wear. Most commonly used by hair replacement salons, hard bond adhesives should only be applied by a trained hair replacement professional. But first consider the drawbacks:

  • The base ingredient is Cyanoacrylate - superglue in gel form.

  • Keep it far away from your eyes and mouth at all times.

  • Applying hard bond adhesive could damage your hair system.

  • It dries very quickly so it does not allow for any mistakes or adjustments.

Avoid the risk

We believe there are strong dangers to both yourself and your hair system in using hard bond hair system glue adhesives, so much so that we refuse to sell it.