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Hair Systems - Ready To Wear

Hair Systems - Ready To Wear

Are you looking for a hair system you can wear straight away? Don't have the time to wait for it to be custom made! Then we have a solution for you. Our range of ready to wear stock hair systems are the next best thing to our custom designed hair systems. You still get the same quality 100% Remy human hair on one of our most popular base designs for undetectability and durability and are sized to fit most.

Our ready to wear stock hair systems will look just as good as a custom designed hair system because it is made specifically for us in the same way we create our custom design series. The same quality hair and the same attention to detail we have in place for our personalised hair systems make our stock hair systems the best you can get.

Stock hair systems... ready to wear hair!

With the benefits of stock systems including our high quality features and super quick delivery... one begs to ask - "Why do I even need a custom designed hair system?" Like most things, our ready to wear systems have inevitable limitations and unfortunately they simply won't work for everyone. If you have a specific balding area or need a variance with colour blending, then you may not be a candidate for our stock hair systems.

If you are unsure about your specifications, and are curious about our ready to wear hair systems, reach out to us and we will help you determine if a stock system is suitable for you.