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Hair Systems for Men

Hair Systems for Men

For men experiencing male pattern baldness or any kind of hair loss, a hair system can be a viable way to restore a full head of hair without having to undergo invasive hair replacement surgery. These types of hair systems for men have been referred to in the past as hairpieces or toupees. They differ from an actual wig though, as they provide only a partial cover to the top of the head and are specifically designed to disguise patches of hair loss.

Men’s hair systems... smart, stylish and completely undetectable!

Similar to hair pieces for women, these systems can either be purchased off the shelf or can be custom designed to a particular man’s head for a more natural appearance.

There are a number of different components for a men’s hair system to consider:

Hair Quality - The most natural looking hair systems are made using 100% Remy human hair. This type of hair is the most user friendly, it styles better and will help achieve a natural, undetectable appearance. Synthetic hair on the other hand is a lot more affordable, however these types of systems do not last as long and does not create the same realistic appearance.

Base Design - Another part of achieving an undetectable look is using the appropriate base materials. These materials can either be lace or polyurethane. How realistic they look will depend on how they are applied and the quality of the materials used.

Attachment - There are a number of different ways to attach a hair system, including tape and glue adhesives or through clips. Generally, adhesives tend to work best, yet this depends on the type of adhesive and how well it is applied.